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Accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s opening remarks are here

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An ethics ruling said Gillum could vote

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When the Clock Strikes Twelve: Ur Example and trope codifier

The Kindnapper: Technically, Magda and Stephan kidnapped Ash. Daniel did the same with Anna. Neither victim minds at all. Interspecies Romance : Several. Human/werewolf. Angel/human. Werewolf/witch. Demon/human. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night : Zeke can’t stop himself from lampshading that his story really did begin on a dark and stormy night. Laser Guided Karma : Adam functions as the laser by making sure Sima walks right into the paths of Matthias and Magda Living Emotional Crutch : At first

Being a member of the defense force of a country

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It turns out, though, that being on the other side of the

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Find your best fit and follow the BiG measuring guide

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Also elsewhere in this thread, “I’m not doing this out of contempt. I just can’t vibe with him., to put it simply. To me, a cordial relationship is enough between us. Many companies that work with fiberglass products publish statements in their required Material Handling Data Sheets (MSDS) suggesting that clothing be washed separately and in warm water until fibers are removed. However, no specific guidelines for soaps or detergents and methods are given. Forums suggest using boar’s hair or other